Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rib Soup for WInter ( Iga Soup)

Ribs Soup ( Iga Soup  ) is one of my mom favorite soup. She will cooked this soup no mater the weather is hot or cold ( Well, Jakarta never been as cold as Europe where I live now, but sometimes back then, when the rainy season come, it can be a bit cold too...just sometime!!!! ). the point is I found this soup often serve in every other week in our kitchen. so I called this is one of her cooking specialties. Usually my mom cooked  this soup only with 2 kind of vegie her kids love the most, Potatoes and Carrots. Potatoes for my brother and I'm the rabbit. Yep.. I'm the one that eat the carrots on this soup ( Of course  with the ribs too!! ). so each time we took the bowl soup. we have to struggle to collect our  favorite veggie on the soup. thinking about that time, I felt so silly.!! 
Back to the soup story. Since I have two picky boys who doesn't like or eat veggie ( except Salad and pumpkin soup!!! ). I often cooked this soup and believe it or not, They like it a lot.
Anyway, I'm just feeling great to be able to share the best memory  of my childhood. So, for those who have picky eater kids, why don't you give a try to make this delish easy soup on your kitchen.

Bon Appetit!!

1 onion
6 cloves garlic
1 kilograms  of good Rib bones
4 stalks of fresh celery, cut into several sections
4 medium size of Potatoes, cut in 8
5 big size of carrot, cut in round
1 bouillon ( Compact broth in cube )
2 Litter of water
2 teaspoon sea salt, or more according to taste
1 teaspoon of pepper

Parsely , finely chopped
Fried shallots
Andaliman Sambal


Boil Broth:
Fill your large pot with cool water. Boil water, and add the Ribs, keeping the heat on high. Boil vigorously for 1 hour. Bring to boil over high heat and lower to simmer.Put cloves, garlic, salt, bouillon, pepper, Celery.
Once the broth starts to boil, turn the heat to medium-low and allow it to simmer for 2 hours or longer. To make a good broth, it will take longer hours. The more time you are simmering it, the more flavour you’ll get. It’s important to keep the heat low.
After the broth has simmered for several hours, add the potatoes and Carot.
The soup ready to serve when the potatoes and carrot are cook.
Remove from the heat and serve while still hot.


sefa said...

ah, pake iga pastinya enak banget nih
disana suhunya berapa sus?

Susy Barrat said...

disini suhu masih sekitar 16-20 degree say.. buat orang jerman mah belon dingin ya..hehhehe..tapi disini anginnya itu loh yg bikin dingin.
thanks ya udah mampir.