Wednesday, September 26, 2012


(Source: saf-instant dry yeast box)
250 ml water
1 egg
50 gr butter
75 gr sugar
25 gr milk powder (adding by me) ( 1 or 1/2 tsp )
2.5 gr baking powder (1:4 tsp )
7.5 gr salt
500 gr bread flour
11 gr dry yeast
1/4 tsp bread improver (adding by me)

 put all ingredients in order (liquid first then solid ingredients).
After the dough ready, ( wait until the dough raise )

First make a round shape then pin in the middle.
Heat the oil in the pan.
Fry it in the hot oil until golden brown.
Put some icing sugar in the plate.
Roll the doughnut into the icing sugar.
Or you can just shake some icing sugar on the doughnut like the one in the picture.
Ready to serve.

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Chocolate Chip Cookies

2,1/2 Cups all Purposse Flour
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon Baking soda
1 Cup Brown Sugar, Firmly packed 
1/2 Cup granulated sugar  ( I use 1/4 Cup sugar )
1 Cup softened butter ( about 225 gr )
1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract 2 eggs
2 eggs
1 tablet of nestle dark chocolate or  1 package  semisweet chocolate chips
1 cup chopped nuts * optional *

How to  :

Preheat oven to 375 F ( 19°C)
Combine all dry ingredient :  flour, salt and baking soda in  bowl and set aside.
Combine brown sugar, granulated sugar, softener butter and vanilla extract  and beat until creamy. 
Add eggs and beat.
Add dry ingredients and mix well. stir in chocolate chips and chopped nut. drop mixture by rounded teaspoonfuls onto non greased cookie sheets.
Bake 8 - 10 minutes

Recipe yields approximately 2 dozen cookies