Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cumi Hitam / Sotong

Out of blue, after having lunch with my good buddy, I'm craving for cumi hitam ( my mom called it Sotong item ) and I told her that I want to cook a sotong ( cumi item ) with plenty of green chilli ( I mean really plenty.. I mean like, after done eating,  your mouth feel like on fire.. ), It would be so much fun,  but I need a buddy to eat with me. that what said to her.. but surprisingly she put her up and said.. I'm in Beib.. I love that dish too.. let's do it soon.
So Since we plan to meet today, I specially cook the dish without telling her... just for surprise.. unfortunately she got stuck in the middle of some errand. So, I eat it by myself. and still delicious (ofcourse )

Ingredients :
4 big Fresh Calamari ( if you can ask some body to clean the inside of calamari, ask them to keep the ink stay.because most some people don't like the ink )

4 Shallots 
5 Garlic
15 big green chilli 
10 small green/red chilli 
3 cm Ginger ( peal it and slice thin )
1tsp sugar ( optional )
3 lime leaves 
2 Daun Salam (bay leave optional if you don't have Daun salam )
1tsp Sea Salt
1 branch of lemongrass ( cut it thin slices )
1/4 tsp Pepper 
4 Tbsp Vegetable oil 

How to make it

Slice thin all the ingredients : Onion, Garlic, Chilli,ginger,Lemongrass  put it aside ,

Method : 

1. Wash properly all , the 2 type of chilli ( Red and Green chilli ),Shallot, Garlic, Ginger ( peel the skin of first before slices )  - Slice thin all of them .. put a side

2. Into frying pan,  place  the vegetable oil, when is hot enough fry  all ingredient one at the time starting with  the shallots, garlic, 2 types of chilli,ginger, Lime leave,lemongrass.
Cook about 10 minutes and add the calamary, lower the fire for shimmer for total timing approximately 20 minutes, adding 1/2 glass of water 

3. Add the pepper,sea salt sugar and continue to shimmer until the liquid has evaporated
Remove from heat and put it in the bowl.

4. Serve warm  with warm Rice


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Susy Barrat said...

Hello Vincent,
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