Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Colors of Toulouse

Since a vacation school for the boys & got a visit from my parents in law, my hubby take a 2 days off from work. It was nice & relaxing to be surounding with someone we care & love.
After lunch &  finishing the clean up, by  3:00 pm, the sun already starts to show off, I started to put a warm clothing to the boys because I know this is still winter time ( meaning 'Cold " ), and we still keep on the plan to do the walking along the Canal du Midi, Toulouse.
When we arrive by mid-afternoon at the metro station downtown, it is already full of people and no wonder.. the weather even nicer here. I let the boys to open the buttons of their Jacket..

“Il fait beau,” my mother in law  tells me repeated ( Consider at their place, temperature still minus 5 & sometime snowing ) .
At this time of year, everyone  would love to enjoy the warm sunny day along the Garone ” she continues when she saw so many people sitting in the edge of the canal. “Im sure in the summer, the ambiance in the Garone is completely different, with people everywhere.

Walking along the canal is my hubby idea. I thank him for that (of course!!, because  I got some nice shot along Canal during the walking )

Maybe because of the warm sun, I got the feeling that everyone is so over-the-top friendly .. we sat  next to the bench & listen to young people play some music . I guess they just love to get a nice change of weather today.

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