Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fruit Salad_ Strawberry

I guess my hubby already got some an Indonesian habits ( I know.. the blame is on me...ofcourse that habit was come from me!!). He invited a friend just a couple hours before the time. just for the Apperitif..that's mean before dinner time.. that's mean if the chat or the ambiance with this new friend are smooth, we are also oblige to invite them for dinner. so the apperitif was set to 18h.. for the apperitiff snack I prepare bell pepper grilled  marinated with apple vinegar + Olive oil.. that was the easy one.. everyone like this simple dish...
After one hour pass, my hubby ask my opinion if is ok to invite them to dinner. Well.. it's kinda  too late isn't to send them away.. ( this is kind of one of the protocol in france for make a new friend, invite them for apperitif, if both of part feel ok, they can continue to dinner.. ).
Lucky I'm well prepare for that.. I just prepare Indonesian easy  meal.. (Yep.. ofcourse Opor Ayam is my only option that come in my mind. ) and for the dessert, I prepare the fruit salad from strawberry the guess brough us.

Spring Fruit Salad

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