Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fruit Salad for hot summer

I got this peach fruit from farmer market next to my home last Saturday. The seller keep telling me that the fruit is extra sweet. Ok. I got it.,I though he just want to sell his stuff, right!! so I didn't realize this fruit until this morning. That is because of  I have my sister in law family coming  for vacation in the area. They came from Dijon, about 700km from my place. It's really nice to have a family visit sometime. my kids can see and play with their cousins more then usual. They already spent time together at my parents in law in early Juli, but I guess for kids that's not enough.
Ok, back to my back of fruits, after the guess gone, as a routine, I start cleaning up the fridge, and what I found? Voila, bags of Peach Fruits. I found the peach in the drawer of my fridge. so I got excited thinking what should I do with this fruit. I plan to make fruit salad as a dessert .
It's true.. the fruits are so juicy and sweet.. I should return to that seller next Saturday to buy some more fruit!!
to make the fruit salad even better, I just add a drop of lemon juice and pinch of fresh Mint leaves..

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