Friday, August 26, 2011

Mie Baso

No matter where you go, when you craving this kind of street food ( which is always impossible to find the same taste like you had before in Indonesia ), it always  make you feel homesick of Indonesia.. that happen to me .. a lot..
That's why I always have a stock of noodle in the placard and home made meatballs ready in freezer.
I guess I don’t have to say all of this, because I'm sure you are all agree..

1 pack of Noodle
6 pcs of Beef Meatball
Fried Onion
Chily sauce
1 egg

 How to make it

1.  Boil hot watter
2. add the fresh / frozeen meet ball
3noodle cook about 3 minutes
4. in the bowl, Combine all the sauce or spice  from the noodle package, add little bit of hot watter to blend the sauce
5. Pour the noddle to the bowl, put back the watter to fire and add eggs to boilled
6. add the rest of the ingredients on top of the noodle
7. Add the egg on top of the noodle
Ready to serve while still hot..


Indonesia Eats said...

Demen yg rustic2 juga ternyata huaa enamel enamel :)

Susy Barrat said...

ini bukan enamel say, tapi ceramic yg dibuat spt enamel.. mertuaku punya banyak tuh stock prop enamel kuno..

Santi Indra said...

Enamel itu coating. Bisa untuk coats bahan apa saja, termasuk cast iron, ceramic, porcelain.