Friday, October 21, 2011

Sambal Andaliman

Sambal Andaliman is Well known as Sambal Batak. Spicy kicking in the mouth that what you will get when you eat this sambal . And this one of sambals that I miss from my mom home cooking. Most of my friends have their own favorite sambals that I made for them but  Me. I love almost every sambal. Can't live without sambal in any jar stock that's I made. The point is, I couldn’t live without chili pepper.
My mom always ask one of her helper to make a big jar of any sambal ( sambal terasi, Bajak, balado etc ) but this sambal is her specialty. She's really good in mixing all the ingredient. So, speaking of my mom, when I talked to her couple days ago, I asked her for her secret recipe for Sambal Andaliman. With the courtesy of my mom recipe, I have to twist her recipe a bit to make it simple. Since I got the Andaliman have been Roasted so What I have to do is just grind the Andaliman with the ingredient then fry the sambal or may be just eat fresh like that.
Usually I found this sambal when my mom made a Rib soup ( Sup Iga ),, so as the weather start to be chilli I made a Pot au Feu  de beouf ( Soup iga sapi )

Sambal Andaliman
Batak sambal

95 grams green chilies
10 gr of Andaliman
1 tbsp of lime juice (1 green Lime )
8  pcs shallot
5 grams cloves garlic
1 big green tomat ( if you don't have you can subtitude with green cherry tomato )
1 teaspoon sea salt
pinch of sugar (optional)

 oil for stir frying ( some people like to eat this sambal uncooked )
2 stick of lemon grass
3 leaves lime leaves

1. In a high heat, roast the Andaliman ( use as desired after that is good for storage in the freezer for months )
2. Grind the roasted Andaliman and all ingredients until smooth but not too fine ( Before you start to blend all the ingredient add the lemon juice first so the color of the sambal not to dark ). It’s up to you to choose a traditional way for grinding the ingredients into spice paste. I chose to use my favourite helper, a food processor to do the job for me.
3. In a wok or skillet, heat up the oil and stir fry the spice paste in the vegetable oil for a few minutes, then add the seasalt and  sugar. Keep stirring until the liquid evaporates and the oils start to come up.


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