Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oseng Oseng Kangkung

In Indonesia this Veggie is well known as Remedy for people who have sleeping problem. 

I didn't follow any friends recipe , I was just mixed and stuff with the spice until get the taste as I wanted. 

Honestly, I'm not making this dish very often because this type of veggie  is so darn expensive (*here in France compare to my hometown in Indonesia)

I have got to say that my  recipe is rather easy and relatively simple and you are definitely would relay on it for your quick simple cooking ! 

2 big green  chilly
2 Shallots 
3 Garlic
1 medium Tomato
a bunch of Kangkung ( Water spinach ) as desire 
2 tbsp oil
1 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tsp homemade sambal terasi (shrimph paste chilly sauce )
salt, Pepper
Pinch of sugar
half small glass of water
How to Cook

Slice thin the Onion , Garlic, chilly 
Cut the kangkung as you wanted
Reheat the oil in the pan
Fry the Shallots, garlic, Chilly
Add the kangkung, Oyster sauce, salt, pepper & watter ( cooked about 5-10 minutes )
Serve while still fresh out from the pan.

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