Thursday, December 3, 2009


The Story teller ( Guide ) told me that this church have multi use, sometime they use as a mosque & sometime they use as Church.. I though that kind of harmony & high tolerance that I'm envy to believe.
But After read the real story from the local buletin, this church is a Real Church, they Owner ( He is French )After back from Algerie, he just crazy about Algerien Art Design. Since that guys is tottally rich (in that time), he can build a Church & a Mosque next to the others. He own the land from Cap Ferret until Archachon ( next to Bordeaux , He import the tile/ accesorry from Algerie. The 5th desendent sold out the land & the fortune till the last drop ( so sad, b'cos when you see the picture, the glorius of the castle is beautiful !! )

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