Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bubur Ketan Item

This is the first time I try this childhood dish of mine. On some recipe the rice glutant should be prepare 6 hr before you cook it. But I just did right away without any preparation and.. Working just fine.

How to Make it is pretty easy..

2 cup of rice measurement black glutinous rice ( some people do  4 to 5 hours soaked before process or overnight  but Me)
1 Pandan leaves, torn and tie a knot
1 Liter   water, more cups if required
½ cup palm sugar ( gula merah ), shaved-- I use  mixed brown sugar (substitute ) and regular custor sugar
1 cans of thick coconut milk
Sea salt to taste 
How to make coconut sauce

Place the coconut milk in a pot, add 3 pandan leaves *torn and tie a knot.
Cook over medium heats, stir continuously, seasons with salt.
When its almost bubble, remove from the heats and let it cool.
Transfers into a jar, keep refrigerated

Method : 

1. Wash properly and rinse black glutinous rice well under running water, Drain. 
at some recipe they said to soak the black glutinous rice 4-5 hr or  overnight, ( I just wash the black glutinous rice and cook right away )

2. Into deep pot place 1ltr of water and pandan leaves , 
add  black glutinous rice.
boil over high heat and lower the fire for shimmer for total timing approximately 30 minutes, adding more water if required ( I cook almost to 1 hr and add some more water if required )

3. Add the sugar and continue to shimmer until most liquid has evaporated 
or a slight thicken for another 10-15 minutes, season with sea salt ( Pinch )
Remove from heat and allow to cool.

4. Serve warm  with coconut sauce


Indonesia Eats said...

kikikik dia bikin burket :)

Susy Barrat said...

pertama kali nih gw nyoba buat burket say..hehhehe tapi photonya kurang cihuy nih..bete deh..

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